Fix a blurry Blogger Profile Image

Since a few days ago profile pictures on some blogs have started to look blurry. This happened as Blogger changed the default size of the Profile image and now shows a very small 80×80 picture that is later scaled to fit the sidebar and that’s why it’s blurry.

To fix it, we need to change the size of the image taken from Blogger servers. Here’s a simple code, that you need to add to your blog as an HTML/JavaScript gadget (preferably in the sidebar or footer), but wherever you place it, do it BELOW the profile image for it to work. Thank you Shelley for noticing that.

<script type="text/javascript"> var img = document.getElementsByClassName("profile-img"); img[0].setAttribute("src", img[0].getAttribute("src").replace(/s\B\d{2,4}/,'s' + '256-c')); </script>

Copy the code and paste it to a new HTML gadget and you should be all set! Leave the title field empty as you don’t want to have it visible on the blog, do you?