Resize Post area and Sidebar in Blogger

It’s very simple to resize your post area in Blogger and it works in most of the Blogger templates. Here’s how to do it in 4 quick steps.

Open Blogger Template Designer

Open your Blogger dashboard and go to Template page. Then, click on the Customize button.



Open Adjust Widths from the menu

Once inside, choose Adjust Widths from the menu on the left side.



Use the slider to find your desirable width

The next part is when you actually decide how you want your blog to look like. Use the available sliders to find the width you want and see the results in real time.


Keep in mind that the number displayed in the entire blog field is really the entire blog’s width so your post area is smaller than that. Usually it’s the entire blog width minus the sidebar width and minus some margins in between.

If it’s the sidebar width that you want to change, use the appropriate slider, but notice that widening the sidebar automatically changes the post area width. So if you only want to make the sidebar wider, you need to increase both the sidebar and the entire blog value.


Apply changes

OK, that’s it! Just click the Apply to Blog button and you’re done.



4 thoughts on “Resize Post area and Sidebar in Blogger

  1. Do you have instructions for this same thing in WordPress? I have the Ellen Sue theme, and I need a wider sidebar. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katie, unfortunately current version of Ellen Sue theme for WordPress doesn’t have that functionality. It has to be done by hand with custom CSS. Send us the details about how much wider you’d like it to be and we’ll figure it out for you.

      1. You know, I’m not sure what width I want it yet. I want to play around with it to see what works. Can you tell me where on the stylesheet I need to adjust it? I don’t mind getting in there and tweaking it myself. Or if you want to send the custom CSS for the current width, I’ll change it and add the CSS myself.

        Actually, I should probably change the content area and sidebar together. You can check out my website at to see the big gap between the content and the sidebar.

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