Create a new blog on Blogger in 3 minutes.

So you want to start a blog, right? Blogger is a great option if you want to do it fast. You can do it so fast that I don’t want to make it any longer by adding a lengthy intro…

You need a google account.

Oh, you already have one? That’s great, go to and sing in (if you’re not already signed).

You don’t have one? No worries! Go to and click the Create account link below the sign in box:


Now you have to fill some details about you. You don’t need to create a new email address if you don’t want to and you already have your favourite email address. The questions are super simple and I doubt you need help with them. So go through them, prove that you’re a human and skip reading the terms and conditions like you usually do (or read them carefully, but that will take much longer then 3 minutes). That’s done!

Google might want to verify you using a text message or an automated call. Do that and when you’re done, go back to using a useful button that Google will display in the middle of the screen for you:



Create a Google+ profile

I know you probably use Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat because you’re hip and all, but if it’s your first time on Blogger, Google will try to make you create a Google+ profile by calling the regular Blogger profile limited. It’s really up to you if you want to do that, but I encourage you to create a Google+ profile anyway. If you want to promote your blog, then one more channel of reaching your readers won’t hurt much, right?

Creating a Google+ profile is just a few clicks, and it’s mostly about adding new Friends, so just click Continue button to skip these steps and get back to creating your Blogger blog.

Create Blogger

At some point Google might try to stop you with this message: you might be lonely

But just continue until you finally see this screen:

final blogger


Create a new Blog

OK, so finally we see the button that does the magic:

new blog

Click it and write down the name of the blog and the title. You can change that later if you want so don’t worry too much.

new blog popup

Don’t be discouraged if you can’t find an available address straight away. You will most likely add your own domain later anyway, so it doesn’t matter that much. When you’ve found an available address, click Create blog! button and you’re done.


Add a first post

OK! The blog is ready and you can start writing posts. So just click the New Post button and you can start writing.


new post button



Here’s a video of doing it all in under 3 minutes:


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