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Starting June 1st, 2106 Instagram made changes in their API that broke down most of Instagram feed gadgets. Here you’ll find a step by step instructions how to create a new Instagram gadget that will show your latest images.

STEP 1 – create an access token

We need to start by creating an access token to connect to Instagram’s API. Here’s a link to a useful online tool that will help you do it:

This will take you to Instagram, and you will be asked to login (if you’re not logged in already) and then to allow PXU Access Token to access your basic and public Instagram information. Click Authorize and you will be presented with your Access Token that looks more less like this:


Keep this tab open, or copy and paste this number to some text editor, as we’ll need it in a second.

Step 2 – generate the HTML code of the Instagram feed

To generate the code, use this field below. Paste your Access Token to the field below and click the Generate button. If everything works fine, the feed will be displayed below.


Step 3 – create a new HTML gadget

Now copy the generated code that’s above the preview and paste it to a new HTML/Javascript gadget on your blog.


That’s it! Hope this helps, but let me know in comments if you have any troubles with it!

And please share this post so that everyone can enjoy a new Instagram feed and make the internet look better!


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